140+ Scientifically Proven Ways to Lose Weight That Don’t Include exercise

Lose Weight with SCIENCE! #75 Is My Favorite 😊



Disclaimer: Exercise and diet are beneficial for you in many ways.
This is NOT a replacement for exercise and diet.
Also some of these studies are small and some are done only on animals.
It is UP TO YOU to asses which of these are beneficial or harmful for you.
Obviously, things like “illness and MDMA” are probably things you’d want to stay away from.

All Ways Ways to Lose Weight

  1. Amantadine – It was able to prevent the weight gain from antipsychotic use. R
  2. Amentoflavone – It inhibits fatty acid synthase, thus preventing obesity. R
  3. Amphetamines – And can make you practically anorexic. R
  4. Amylin – It induces feeling of satiety and enhances leptin. R
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar – It reduces appetite. R
  6. Apple Polyphenols – It protected against body weight gain and fat deposition. R
  7. Aronia – It helps keep stable blood sugar and lose visceral fat. R
  8. Avoid Arsenic – It decreases birth weight but increases adult weight gain. R
  9. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners – They alter tastebud receptors, insulin in the body, and increase weight gain. R
  10. Avoid Estrogenics and Birth Control – They activate PPARgamma to increase weight gain. R R
  11. Avoid Glyphosate and Roundup – They increase obesity, partly through their estrogenic properties. R
  12. BDA-410 – It reduces body weight and fat content by enhancing lipolysis. R
  13. BDNF – It induces appetite suppression and weight loss. R 
  14. Berberine – In 12 weeks obese people lost an average of 5 pounds. R
  15. Beta-Caryophyllene – It reduces formation of new fat cells R R
  16. Bifidobacterium B. L66-5 – Bifidobacterium aided in weight loss. R
  17. Bitter Orange – It increased resting metabolic rate, energy expenditure, and increased weight loss. R
  18. Blueberry Peel Extracts – BPE reduced body weight gain and inhibited fat accumulation. R
  19. Bright Light – Red and green light increased leptin and decreased ghrelin. R
  20. Burdock – 8 wk repeated oral intake of burdock root resulted in body weight decrease. R
  21. Butyrate – Butyrate caused obese mice to lose ~10% of their original body weight and fat mass. R
  22. Caffeine – High caffeine is associated with weight loss by thermogenesis, oxidation, and increasing leptin. R
  23. Caloric Restriction – Also reduced weight and inflammation (hs-CRP, SAA and IL-6). R 
  24. Calorie Restriction Mimetics – improves overall Body Fat Mass R R
  25. Capsaicin – Consumption of 2.56 mg capsaicin per meal promoted fat oxidation. R
  26. Carvacrol – Supplementation prevents diet-induced obesity by regulating brown fat. R
  27. CCK Injection – Enhances reduction of body weight. R
  28. Chemotherapy – Weight loss happens and is worse for outcome. Weight gain is better. R
  29. Chew Gum – Chewing gum (for at least 45min) suppressed appetite and cravings, while promoting fullness. R
  30. Chitosan – can decrease body weight and the ratio of fat to body weight. R
  31. Chronic MDMA Use – It can lead to weight loss. R
  32. Circadian Rhythm Control – Shift-workers had a higher chance of obesity. R
  33. Cissus Quadrangularis – Regardless of diet, there was significant reductions in weight and obesity. R
  34. CLA – Subjects lost 3lbs compared to placebo. R
  35. CNTF – It can overcome leptin resistance in order to reduce body weight. R
  36. Cocaine – Its use suppresses appetite. R
  37. Creatine – In combination with CLA  lead to greater increases in fat-free mass and losses of fat mass. R
  38. Cupping – dry cupping had decreased amounts of cellulite as cupping could enhance lymph drainage. R
  39. Cupping – Women receiving dry cupping had decreased amounts of cellulite. R
  40. Curcumin – It inhibits adipocyte differentiation. R
  41. Cut Out TV Time – Viewing TV might increase the likelihood of being overweight. R
  42. Damiana – In YGD, it helps reduce food intake, slow gastric movement, and reduce body weight. R
  43. Dancing – It decrease decreased weight, fat, and BMI. R
  44. Dark Chocolate – It decreased the expression of genes involved in fatty acid synthesis. R
  45. Decrease Alcohol Intake – Alcohol intake may be a risk factor for obesity in some individuals. R
  46. Decreasing Prolonging Light – Prolonged exposure increased obesity and appetite. R
  47. Deferoxamine – In mice that were obese, DFO helped reduce weight grain. R
  48. DJ-1 Activation – works via c/EBP-α, PPAR-gamma, aP2, LPL, and Glut4 R
  49. DNP (Dinitrophenol) – It cause rapid loss of weight (but has many side effects, like death). R
  50. Don’t Eat After 8pm – Increased the risk of obesity (unrelated to sleep time and duration). R
  51. Dopamine – increases perceived effort to workout and reduces willingness to eat R R
  52. Drinking Hydrogen Water – Helps burn brown fat. R
  53. Drinking Water – 2 liters of water per day hel
    ped people burn 96 calories extra. R
  54. Eat Avocados –  Body weight, BMI, and waist circumference were significantly lower. R
  55. Eating Eggs – Instead of eating bagels for breakfast, eating eggs helps obese women decrease hunger. R
  56. Eating Slowly – Maximized satiation and reduced energy intake within meals. R
  57. EGCG – It inhibits MAO-B, resulting in weight loss. R
  58. Embelin – embelin reduced body weight gain, blood glucose and plasma insulin. R
  59. Estrogen – Worked in women that were low in E. R
  60. Exercise – Somewhat effective 😂 – I swear that’s the only one on this list that is exercise. R
  61. Exercise Mimetics – improves overall body mass (reduces high weight, improves low weight) R
  62. Fish – It decreases leptin, which is high in obese patients. R
  63. Forskolin – Men had a decrease in body fat. Women’s body fat was mitigated. R R
  64. Garcinia – Garcinia extracts/HCA can cause short-term weight loss. R
  65. GDNF – It increased energy expenditure and may be useful for the treatment or prevention of obesity. R
  66. Get Cold Exposure – It increases TRH (which is an appetite suppressant). R
  67. Get Off Birth Control – They will increase fat and decrease muscle. R
  68. Get Sun – It increases MSH which induces BDNF (that suppresses appetite and weight loss). R
  69. Ghrelin/Mk-677/Ibutamoren – After 8-14 days of use, patients had significant weight loss. R
  70. Glucomannan – It induced body weight reduction in healthy overweight subjects. R
  71. Glycemic Control – Hypoglycemia increases appetite (obviously) R
  72. Green Light –  improves physical activity, decreases obesity, enhances mental health, and more R R R R R
  73. Green Tea – It helps you burn more calories. R
  74. H3R antagonism – helps weight loss by obesity by modulating energy homeostasis. R R R 
  75. High Protein Diet – Increased fat burning and reduced appetite. R R
  76. Histidine – It reduced BMI and fat mass. R
  77. HMG – It decreased fat mass while increasing lean mass. R
  78. Hops – In animal models being fed a high-fat diet with hop extract, XN was able to prevent weight gainR
  79. Huang Bai – It can inhibit th
    e formation of fat, decrease weight gain, and suppress hungerR
  80. Humanin – prevents weight gain by increasing glucose stimulated insulin release. R R
  81. I3C – It decreased adipogenesis and inflammation. R
  82. Illness – It is commonly associated with weight loss. R
  83. Increase Fiber – It worked better in obese patients. R
  84. Increase Nitric Oxide – It stimulates glucose and fatty acid breakdown. R
  85. Increase Orexin – Orexin-A treatment induces weight loss in rats. R
  86. Increase Sleep – Short sleep is associated with weight gain. R
  87. Intermittent Fasting – Induces weight loss and helps maintain weight loss. R
  88. Intranasal Insulin – INI administration for 8 weeks reduced body fat in normal-weight men, not women. R R
  89. Intranasal Leptin (or Myalept/Metreleptin) – Intranasal leptin has been demonstrated to reduce appetite and induce weight loss. R R
  90. Irisin – It stimulates white fat to turn into brown fat via PGC1α. R
  91. Java Tea – in animal models fed a high-fat diet, java could prevent weight gain and obesity. R
  92. KB220z – It can help with compulsive eating and weight loss. R R
  93. Ketogenic Diet– It significantly reduced the body weight and body mass index of the patients. R
  94. L-Arginine & L-Citruline – It reduced unfavorable fat. R
  95. L. rhamnosus + Bifidobacterium lactis – This combo reduced weight and stopped weight gain. R
  96. Lactobacillus gasseri – In diet obese mice, it helped them lose weight by reducing insulin levels. R
  97. Lactobacillus gasseri – It reduced weight and weight gain. R
  98. Lactobacillus rhamnosus – It also reduced weight and weight gain. R
  99. Lipoic Acid – It helped reduce food intake and enhanced energy expenditure. R
  100. Liquid Diet – It in enhanced satiety, thus eating less. R
  101. LLLT – It produced significant girth loss sustained over repeated treatments in spot fat. R
  102. Low-dose Growth Hormone – Along with reduced calories, it increased fat loss muscle gain. R
  103. LSD – Weight loss over the 8 weeks was 2.2 kg. R
  104. MAOIs – By raising catecholamines. R
  105. Maqui – It can inhibit adipogenesis (growth of fat cells) and inflammation. R
  106. Maslinic acid – It affected the weight of volunteers with mild knee joint pain. R
  107. MCT Oil – Supplementation resulted in lower body weight than did olive oil. R
  108. Melatonin – Improves sleep and contributes to body weight reduction. R
  109. Meratrim – Supplementation resulted in a greater degree of weight loss than placebo over 8 weeks. R
  110. Metformin – It induced modest weight loss in overweight and obese individuals at risk for diabetes. R
  111. Milk Thistle – It lowers adipogenesis (fat cell production). R
  112. Mindfulness Meditation – It effectively decreases binge eating and emotional eating. R R
  113. Mucuna – By manipulating dopamine levels altered eating behavior. R
  114. NGF – It reduces appetite and prevents weight gain. R
  115. Nicotine – Reduces appetite and alters feeding patterns resulting in reduced body weight. R
  116. Nonivamide – It helps to support to maintain a healthy body composition. R
  117. Norepinephrine (or being anxious) – It suppressed hunger. R
  118. NRF2 activation – It increases mitochondrial output thus decreasing white adipose tissue (fat). R R
  119. Oleic Acid – It is found in olive oil and excites neurons to promote weight loss. R
  120. Oxytocin – It decreased hunger. R
  121. Quercitin – It decreased high-fat diet induced body weight gain. R
  122. Radiation Therapy – By inducing dehydration. R
  123. Reduce Blue Light at NightBlue light can cause weight gain. R
  124. Reduce Stress – Stress is associated with high BMI. R
  125. Reducing Inflammation – Inflammation halts the fat burning process. R
  126. Resistant Starch -It increased fat oxidation and reduced fat storage in adipocytes. R
  127. Rhodiola – In combination with bitter orange, it increased noradrenaline and reduced fat. R
  128. Sauna – Induced wight loss in overweight people. R
  129. Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) – Green light decreases the rate of obesity. R
  130. Sibutramine – It increased serotonin and dopamine, which resulted in weight loss. R
  131. Spirulina – Intake of 2.8 g of spirulina thrice a day results in a significant reduction in body weight. R
  132. Stand More – weight maintenance following weight loss is associated with avoiding sedentary behavior. R
  133. Stay away from MSG – It increases appetite. R
  134. Swallowable Gastric Balloon – This works as a replacement for gastric bypass surgery. R
  135. Tachykinin – It stimulates serotonin pathways to burn fat. R
  136. Testosterone – Worked in men that were low in T. R
  137. Tian Ma/Gastrodin – It potentiates leptin signaling, thus decreasing eating. R
  138. Vagus Nerve Stimulation – The more severe the obesity, the greater the weight loss. R
  139. Vitamin D- Weight loss is associated with an increase in vitamin D. R R
  140. Wrightia –  protects against dyslipidemia and weight gain from a high fat diet. R
  141. XSLJZD – By increasing ghrelin, it can promote fat burning. R
  142. Yoga – Obese patients lost weight. R
  143. Zizihpus Jujube – It reduces inflammation in fat, inhibiting more fat accumulation. R