There is no pill that will make you sustainably smarter.

You need to train your mind and become educated – this is the main principle I’ve incorporated into MyBioHack.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

When I was younger, I never read.

Maybe this is because I was highly creative (shooting movies, making music, imaginary scenarios), but when it came to any reading at all, I would do everything I could to avoid it.

Now as I have gotten healthier, I have realized that a lot of my inability to focus and enjoy reading has to do with inflammation and passion – two areas I’ve strived to perfect. 

My brain fog has lifted and reading makes more sense, I don’t feel as though I’m reading a foreign language, and now I’m an avid reader/listener (approx 50 non-fiction books per year, not including podcasts and seminars and fiction books).

I’ve compiled a list of books (does not include textbook/journals) that helped me expand my brain, body, intelligence, charisma, communication, and spirit.

When getting a book, I recommend buying the Kindle Version (on iPhone or Android) along with the Audible Narration – this allows you to use visual and auditory senses to engage yourself and fully understand the text.




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