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Consult With Jacob

I have helped 100’s of clients and know that everyone’s needs are different.

I can help you develop a plan of action around your individual lifestyle, needs, preferences, etc.

If necessary,I will also do specific research on a case-by-case basis. 

I am very resourceful and that is beneficial for you – My database is quite extensive and highly organized with over 500 textbooks, 500,000 current studies/reviews, and 100s of books from this decade (these numbers are not embellished). 


Q: I get this email at least once daily… “I have _X condition_ … Can you help me with this?”

A: It is hard for me to accurately say without properly going through your full history in a consult. I may need to look at specific tests (that doctors may not know to look for) as well as nutritional, epigenetic, neuroimmunological, hormonal and genetic (e.g. 23andMe, Dante Labs, Ancestry) dysfunctions.

Set Up An Appointment

Consults are held via audio calls on Skype – Skype can be downloaded here.

When I consult, I do not give medical advice. See more in the disclaimer

I have worked with physicians and clients on:

Why Private Pay Is Better Than Insurance

Insurance (as well as a lack of education) is one of the biggest limiting factors for a doctor’s practice.

I’m not a doctor, but I am very well educated, beyond most doctors in the US. 

Insurance can be a huge hinderance in a doctor’s practice.

With insurance:

  • Care deemed by insurance may actually cause harm to the patient rather than helping
  • Insurance may waste a lot of your time and money
  • There can be unnecessary care
  • There is lack of transparency
  • You are restricted to what insurance deems necessary, not the physician or health care provider
  • You receive limited coverage

Non-insurance (private-pay) is the future of health care as you are not limited by insurance.

With private pay:

  • Issues are covered more in-depth
  • There are no mandatory diagnoses required to provide help
  • There are no session limits
  • There is a better standard to privacy and confidentiality
  • There is a larger scope of treatment
  • We (you and I) may have a better relationship
  • You receive higher quality standards of care and services
  • You receive increased value

Payment, Discounts And Refunds


Payment is due at the time of scheduling your appointment.


I do give discounts for those who can vastly help improve the website or barter my services for actions that are aligned with the goals of MyBioHack.

Refunds And Missed Calls

Information about refunds and missed calls can be seen over on the disclaimer.