Life Can Be Tough

But Keep Going!



Life can be tough and sometimes we want to give up.

But if we gave up when the going got tough, where would be right now? 

In a world:



Let me give you a quick story…



In 1985, Mel Fisher who found the 1622 wreck of the Spanish Nuestra Señora de Atocha. At the time it was worth $500 million.

It took him 16 years to find this treasure. He sacrificed, time energy, money, friends, family, and so much more to find this treasure. 

Mel had the 3 core beliefs to success:

  1. He believed it was there
  2. He believed he will/must find it
  3. He believed that it was worth it 

So he never gave up and in his eyes he had “won”.

Even if you do “lose”, you still get to learn, and I believe that is winning.



So if you’re going through hell right, keep going. That’s no place to stop. 

Stay beautiful!