How To Keep Your SIgA At A Healthy Level (SIgA Part 3)

This week we’ve looked at an important antibody in your body: secretory immunoglobulin A.  It prevents diseases, reduces inflammation, and most importantly, keeps your gut healthy and happy.

When I realized that I had a low SIgA level, I knew I had to something about it.  Here are my methods of raising and maintaining my level of SIgA.




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Tests and Biomarkers for Finding your SIgA Levels

It’s good to know where your SIgA levels are. A way of judging your SIgA level is through biomarkers, naturally occurring molecules, genes, or characteristics by which a particular pathological or physiological process, disease, or condition can be identified.  

Here are some other tests to try and biomarkers to pay attention to:

You can order all these tests here.

What To Eat

As with any biohack, what you eat is important.  

Here’s my list of foods that specifically benefit your SIgA levels and maintain a healthy gut.

High Fiber Foods







Here are some recipes I recommend:

TLDR: There are many different ways to test you SIgA levels, but if you take probiotics and have a high-fiber diet, your levels should be pretty good.

Leave me a comment about your experiences with SIgA!  

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